2024 Life Reset | Goal Setting

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For the first half of January 2024, I was feeling low after my last school semester. Instead of pushing through, I decided to take things slow and gradually figure out what I wanted to achieve for the coming year. I see this as my gift to myself for working hard both at school and work the two years.

Now that the trial and transition period is over, it is time to buckle down on my 2024 goals.

Before diving into what I hope to achieve this year, let me share with you my current situation and background:

  • I was an international student in Canada from 2022 to 2023.
  • I recently completed my two-year post-graduate program in December 2023 from a PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) eligible institute in Vancouver.
  • I live semi-alone. I do not have any family or relatives here, but I do live with roommates.

For 2024, I am focusing on 4 life buckets: Career, Finance, Family, Personal, Social.


1. Apply for PGWP

  • Luckily as a single applicant, my requirements are quite simple. I only need to fill out one application form (IMM570) and submit four supporting documents (passport, digital photo, transcript, and completion letter).
  • As of now, I’m waiting for my school to release the transcript and completion letter. It has been five weeks since the last day of school, but two weeks were holiday. So in reality, it has been only three weeks. My classmates and I expect that it will be released by the end of January.

2. PR Prep

  • Although I am eligible for a 3-year PGWP, I have to think ahead of what I need to do for my PR (Permanent Residency) application in the future. The most important requirements I need to obtain are:
    • A job under NOC TEER 0,1,2,3
    • English Proficiency
  • My goals are to:
    • Find a work that belongs to any of the TEER numbers above.
    • Take the CELPIP and aim for a band score of 10 for all skills to get the highest point possible in CRS under the language factor.


1. Financially support myself

  • My number one goal under this category is to continue to financially support my living expenses abroad. I did it last year, so I know it is possible. Based on my 2023 financial spreadsheet, I have four main bills: rent, mobile plan, MSP (health insurance), and medication (for allergies). This year, I need to add transportation, as I am no longer covered by my school. And the main necessary expenses outside the monthly bills are groceries and toiletries. These six items are what I consider my baseline expenses for living abroad.

2. Savings and sinking funds

  • I categorized them into personal, family, and social. This year, my goals are to save:

A. Personal = $3,090

Last year, I was able to save up to over $5,000 in my ‘Get Ahead Fund’. This roughly covers 5-6  months of my living expenses mentioned above. Now, I will be focusing on:

Emergency Fund300
Health Fund300
Tech Fund120
Carer Fund120
Sub Total840
Retirement (MP2)750
Savings/Investment (PhilAm)1,500
Sub Total2,250

B. Family = $2,550

Maybe this is part of my culture growing up, but a big life goal of mine (after being financially independent from my family) is to become their provider. For me, my family includes not just my parents but also my extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and first cousins. As of now, this is a visionary goal, but for this year I will be focusing on:

Parents/Household (saved 500 last year)1,000
Sub Total1,750
Birthdays (parents, grandparents)250
Special Events (parents, grandparents)250
Sub Total500
Canada Visit (aunts)300

C. Social = $300

This is for my friends and acquaintances.


3. Other financial habit-based goals:

  • Be consistent in doing my weekly and monthly financial updates.
  • Be flexible – okay to over/underspend on a budget line item, but the overall total should be within the monthly budget amount.
  • Don’t buy things not covered in any budget line item.


1. Keep in touch

  • Be more consistent in video calling and messaging family members.


1. Faith

  • Attend church mass at least twice per month

2. Document

  • 5-year journal at least thrice per week
  •  A-tracker daily (for time tracking specific activities I want to track)

3. Hobby / Learning

  • Publish at least 3 blog posts per month


1. Participate in social gatherings (friends and acquaintances) as long as it doesn’t interfere with my other goals.


Here’s a summary of my goals for this year:

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